Electrical Contractor and Engineer, Design and Build
BTS is primarily an electrical contractor. We wire houses, apartments, offices and factories. We locate and repair electrical faults in plugs and lights. We add, move and change electrical layouts for a variety of customers and have been doing it for over 45 years. After that long, there is not much we have not done and so you can be assured that your home or business is in good hands if you choose BTS to service your electrical needs.
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Re-tasking equipment for additional life, even after the "End of Life" period
We have installed many types of equipment and performed numerous maintenance services. Our installation and maintenance services are designed to extend the life of your equipment as well as reducing downtime. When production is affected, you really need someone you can count on. Our experience spans hundreds of equipment types and 35+ years. With our help, your equipment can last virtually forever.
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Control Panel design and manufacture
This type of panel is better described as a Relay Input/Output with PLC Controller. Our panels are pre-configured with basic ladder logic that will allow an input to control an output. They can be configured for 24VDC up to 120VAC Inputs and Output. Sometimes you have a great piece of equipment but you want to improve it with a better motor controller, photoeyes in place of limit switches, proximity switches to track objects as they go through the system or process controllers to detect pressure, weight, heat or color. BTS can build a custom controller for your application. Just let us know what you need.
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Winery Services
BTS offers a great deal of experience on winery equipment repair and maintenance. Bottling lines, packaging lines, receiving equipment, pumps and corkers are just a short list of all the equipment you will find in a winery. With our experience in other areas of manufacturing, we can bring a fresh new outlook on what is needed to update and repair your existing equipment. Just give us a call to discuss your needs.
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Building a new control box for a Blank Feeder Integration of factory production equipment Programming a Palletizing Robot


White Paper Configuration Sheets
We have 2 papers on how to configure a VFD with a 4-20ma Transducer. These applications are for pumps that we use to irrigate the vineyards. When a Zone calls for water, the pump starts at its highest speed to fill the drip lines with water. Once the pressure gets to the right value, the motor starts to cut back, maintaining a precise pressure.
LENZE SMVector Drive, 4-20ma Pressure Transducer 0-100psi
DuraPulse GS2/3 Drive, 4-20ma Pressure Transducer 0-100psi
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License Ck
C-10# 930283

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Custom Robot Programming Solutions
I have just completed the AS Language programming class provided by Kawasaki Robotics in Wixom Michigan. What a treat to have Tim Appold as my instructor. I am self taught in AS language and have been using it since 2008 but Tim opened a lot of doors for me in this class. I feel more confident to write complex programs than ever before.
BTS is now fully on board with Kawasaki Robots. Safe and Reliable, Kawasaki Robots are the most affordable in the market. Bransom Tech Services is now full service robot shop with many options available for our customers. Click to visit our Kawasaki Robotics 
site. The F60 controller was developed to meet increasingly high functional demands and can be used for a broad range of applications.
Find out how this little controller will help your business cut costs and increase safety and productivity.
Kawasaki F60 Robot Controller
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The AS Language makes more sense to me than any other programming language I know, using common abbreviations for functions. As opposed to other robot languages, AS was the easiest to understand and follows most of the conventions I learned in college. It was a flash back to those days when programming was exciting and new.

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