Re-tasking Kawasaki Robots
Job required us to pickup several robots that will need to be re-tasked for palletizing and other operations. Many of them were damaged. We brought them to our shop and got them running. Here is Brett demonstrating that they are working properly.
On-the-Fly Case Weight
We were asked to design a system that would weigh as many as 250 different boxes to be sure the weight is within a specific range. If any case was out of range, it would be kicked off about 20 feet up the line onto a reject conveyor for inspection by the QC department.
Palletizing ZD-250 Robot 2016
We are getting some FANUC robots ready for some factory work when the High School Engineering Club came by to see what we were doing and learn about industrial robotics and programming them in that environment. We often have demonstrations at schools when a teacher asks us.
Pallet Lift Control Panel
The customer wanted to install 4 scissor lift tables for an operation that was hand-stacking objects on a pallet. This is a safety product to reduce back injuries.

Here is the controller that we built to interface with the scissor lift table. It has an Up/Down/Stop as well as proximity switches and photoeyes to automatically detect the current level of the hydraulic scissor lift table.
Re-tasking Kawasaki Robots for a customer 2015btsweb004008.jpg On-the-Fly Check-weigh system with reject and barcode reader Scissorlift Table Project for customer
Bransom Tech Services
Electrical Contractor


Writing our Robot code in AS Language allows us to build applications that do not require user intervention. AS Language is the way you tell a robot what to do. Here is a snippet of AS Language where we are adjusting the height of the product being stacked on a pallet. Our customer's machine produces differing heights of product and so we make a series of 'stack layer height adjust buttons' that allows the height to be adjusted 'on the fly', with just a touch.
Adjusting an End of Arm Tool for grabbing bags
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