Kitchen Remodel 2010
Home Remodel is one of the most common things we do. You can be sure your home is in experienced hands if you hire BTS Electric Service to do your lighting and plugs. We do mood lighting, under-cabinet and exterior lighting for homes and offices.
On-the-Fly Case Weight
We were asked to design a system that would weigh as many as 250 different boxes to be sure the weight is within a specific range. We are experts at designing and building systems like this one.
Palletizing Robot 2016
Re-tasking FANUC robots ready for a factory when the Tokay High School Engineering Club came by to visit and learn about industrial robotics. We often have demonstrations at schools when a teacher asks us.
New Home Construction 2017
You will find new construction from single family homes to 200,000 square foot facilities in our resume. If you are thinking about new construction, give us a call and please let us give you a price and help you decide what you need.
Lodi Tokay High School Engineering Club visit to our office On-the-Fly Check-weigh system with reject and barcode reader


Writing our Robot code in AS Language allows us to build applications that do not require user intervention. AS Language is the way you tell a robot what to do. We also do industrial automation on the side - for 45 years.
Adjusting an End of Arm Tool for grabbing bags
Community Service
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New home construction is rewarding unless you have to worry about your contractors. BTS has been building new homes since 1972. We have built hundreds of homes and apartments over the years.
Winery filter being taken to our shop for repair and upgrade
Winery equipment is very expensive. But there is a lot of older equipment that works fine after BTS upgrades the controllers and wiring. Here is a typical upgrade to a filter. We do a lot of these.
Winery Equipment Upgrades 2015
We gutted the inside of this kitchen and replaced everything. This is what it looked like once we were done
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