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Here at BTS we know that Robots will never replace Humans. Today we have a standard for Humans and Robots to work together. Collaborative applications must meets or exceed collaborative standards, adhering to ISO/TS 15066 standards for Collaborative Robot Applications . In addition we apply additional standards that exceed ISO/TS 15066 with Kawasaki CUBIC-S Software in the DUARO Robot and FANUC ISO 10218-1:2011 safety certification in the CR line.
FANUC collaborative robots combine unrivaled strength with outstanding safety to make interactive robot/human collaboration possible for a much wider range of applications. FANUC is the only family of Collaborative Robots in the world that can lift objects ranging from 4 kg up to 35 kg.
Modern ROBOTS can be collaborative as long as standards and guidelines are followed. Here is a case of palletizing where users can assist the robot during operations. If users get close, the robot holds until reset.
Kawasaki duAro Robot is actually 2 SCARA Robots in one.

The “duAro” dual-arm robot, with its two coaxial arms controlled by a single controller, can fit into a single-person space. The coaxial dual-arm configuration makes it possible to perform coordinated movement, which has been impossible for even two SCARA robots, in addition to dual-arm operations.
The wheeled base on which the arms are placed accommodates the controller. This enables the user to move the robot together with its base to any location desired.
Low-power motors and a deceleration function linked with an area-monitoring enable the "duAro" to coexist with people during work operations. The "duAro" also comes with numerous safety functions, including a collision detection function that instantaneously stops the robot's movement in response to a possible person-robot collision.
Jerry Bransom working on the big workhorse of the Kawasaki Palletizers, the ZD250 Robot Kawasaki duAro Robot is actually 2 SCARA Robots in one. FANUC CR-35iA Robot is collaborative 2015btsweb001015.gif Visit Bransom Tech Services Automation Site

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