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We treat your home like it is our biggest investment FANUC Robotics RS-2000 System on display without end of arm tooling
Automation Products and  Programming Services
Our customers are our  biggest investment.
Tenant Improvements
New Home Building
Adds, Moves & Upgrades
Home & Office Automation
Network, Telco and Internet
Audio/Video & Security
We can design, build and program a controller for your application. We automate machines and processes.
PLCs, Servos & Steppers
Across the line or VFD
Robot Sales and Service
Process Equipment
Control Panel Design/Build
Equipment Upgrades
Process Equipment Repairs
Commercial/ Residential Electrical Services
Bransom Tech Services
Electrical Contractor
(855) ROBOT-99
Winery and Manufacturing Maintenance
Machine Shop Services
Wineries and manufacturers in the area count on BTS for expert electrical, mechanical and hydraulic maintenance services year around.
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There are many types of process equipment and we have probably worked on all of it at one time or another.
Trimming a panel for a home we gutted and rebuilt with Belden Construction
Prototyping a new bottling line helper robot for the local wine makers. Smaller family owned wineries will appreciate this machine, packing bottles up to 4 cases a minute. It can be rolled into place on any bottling line. Capable of removing or placing bottles in a case box or carrier.
New service, old building.
We have the ability to repair and upgrade many types of production equipment in our shop, adding modern controls such as PLC, HMI, Laser, Sonar, Inductive and Barcode positioning and processing.
Kawasaki Preferred Integrator Bransom Tech Services is an Authorized System Integrator for FANUC Robotics Making final adjustments to End of Arm Tool for palletizing operation using Kawasaki ZD250 Robot (Big Robot)
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Kawasaki RS005N Robot programmed to pick from one to four bottles from a bottling line and put them in a case Recent upgrade of service on an old building in the historic district of Stockton. BTS was chosen to do all the electrical upgrades. Unloading a Bundler at our office in Lodi using our crane. Dustin at the controls after rigging the machine to set on the ground.
Teamwork at our office
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