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Kawasaki RS20 ready to make parts with Okuma lathe.
We treat your home like it is our biggest investment
Our customers are our  biggest investment.
Many of our customers call on us to repair and upgrade their machines and equipment. BTS is a "Maintenance-Centric" Electrical Contractor. We pay close attention to the long term effects of our work.
BTS has been taking care of our customer's electrical needs from the main panel to the plugs in the wall for over 45 years. We have the experience and the tools to do any electrical job safely, correctly and quickly.
Equipment Repairs
BTS Electric Service
Electrical Contractor
(209) 367-1403
Plant Maintenance
Wineries, Olive processors and manufacturers in the area count on BTS for expert electrical, mechanical and hydraulic maintenance services year around.
Installing Kawasaki RS020 for machine tending of Okuma lathe. Here we are setting up the workcell before finalizing the program.
We have the ability to repair and upgrade many types of production equipment in our shop, adding modern controls such as PLC, HMI, Laser, Sonar, Inductive and Barcode positioning and processing.
Ask us about our new Collaborative Robots
Missing parts for a bearing in an olive crusher / centrifuge, Repairs by BTS Visit our YouTube Channel for the latest projects and updates in Images. Bransom Tech Services of Lodi California 2015btsweb001016.gif Visit Bransom Tech Services Automation Site

License Ck
C-10# 930283

Kawasaki advanced F60
AEB and BTS Pumping Wine!
BTS has been helping our California farming community maintain their production machines for many years. We have a lot of experience with controls and automation.
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Bransom Tech Services
Service Change/Upgrade
Our C100x controller streamlines your operation.
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C100x Compact Controller with Discrete I/O, Relay Output, Analog In, Analog Out, PWM, High Speed Counters..the WORKS!
Programmed controllers offer a lot of power at a price point that is much lower than conventional PLC controls. Here is one of our HMI-PLC units operating equipment on a series of machines at one of our local manufacturers.
Latest version of AEB pump carts using advanced C100 controller from BTS. Gallons, Purchase order, flow rate, user login and more Robots, Controllers and more at the new SHOP BTS website. Check it out!
Robots, Controllers and more at the new SHOP BTS website. Check it out!
Custom Machine Controllers
Installing new service for winery chiller Multi-unit metering for large apartment building.
Residential & Commerical
Complex motor controller for CNC Lathe. We can troubleshoot and repair almost anything.
Maintenance-centric means we do things in a way that makes future repairs less likely and less expensive than other contractors, in both the short run and the long term.
Simple discrete interface for Robot to equipment. We also did Ethernet-IP on this install as well.
Machines communicate many ways. From simple discrete-I/O to data-packet protocols such as Ethernet-IP, Profibus and others. We can design a controller for your existing equipment that interfaces with any of these communication methods.
Programmed controls with more choices
Standard gearbox range converted to numerical data using encoders. Controller and encoder brackets designed, built and implemented by BTS