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C100x controller programmed and ready to ship & install.
We treat your home like it is our biggest investment
Our customers are our  biggest investment.
Tenant Improvements
New Home Building
Adds, Moves & Upgrades
Home & Office.
Many of our customers call on us to repair and upgrade their machines and equipment. BTS is a "Maintenance-Centric" Electrical Contractor. That means we pay close attention to the long term effects of our work and we try to do things in a way that makes any repairs easy and less expensive than other contractors, in both the short run and the long term.
BTS has been taking care of our customer's electrical needs from the main panel to the plugs in the wall for over 45 years. We have the experience and the tools to do any electrical job safely, correctly and quickly.
Machinery Repair
and Maintenance
BTS Electric Service
Electrical Contractor
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Winery and Manufacturing Maintenance
Wineries and manufacturers in the area count on BTS for expert electrical, mechanical and hydraulic maintenance services year around.
We can program a C100 controller with one of over 50 applications we have done for production equipment. Visit the page to see what applications might work for your machines.
Launch of BTS Shopping site starts April 20, 2018
We have the ability to repair and upgrade many types of production equipment in our shop, adding modern controls such as PLC, HMI, Laser, Sonar, Inductive and Barcode positioning and processing.
Ask us about our new Collaborative Robots
Unloading a Bundler at our office in Lodi using our crane. Dustin at the controls after rigging the machine to set on the ground.
Heavy Equipment Repairs
Visit our YouTube Channel for the latest projects and updates in Images. Bransom Tech Services of Lodi California 2015btsweb001015.gif Visit Bransom Tech Services Automation Site

License Ck
C-10# 930283

Kawasaki advanced F60
2015btsweb001013.gif Machining spare parts for a customer
AS Language Class done!
Bransom Tech Services is now approved as a UL Industrial Panel Shop. We can build any industrial type panel for you that you need. We also do corrections to existing panels.
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Bransom Tech Services
Service Changes and Upgrades
C100x can clean up your operations
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C100x Compact Controller with Discrete I/O, Relay Output, Analog In, Analog Out, PWM, High Speed Counters..the WORKS!
Update your controllers to C100x control. Networks, Login, Multi-ask app's, Internet capable, compact size, starting at under $1500 with custom program.
2015btsweb001006.jpg Robots, Controllers and more at the new SHOP BTS website. Check it out!
Robots, Controllers and more at the new SHOP BTS website. Check it out!
Custom Machine Controllers
Compact, customized and pre-programmed. Clean up your machine controllers with a touchscreen controller from BTS
Residential & Commerical
Electrical Services
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